PVC and Aluminium Windows and Doors
Прозорци и врати от PVC и алуминий

Do not “burn” your money! Save up to 76% energy through an optimal insulation. And if you wish nothing to disturb you – choose the excellent noise insulation without reducing the thermal insulation...

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Curtain Walls

The Modern Construction
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The curtain wall is no longer a luxury but a necessary element in the modern construction. It changes the whole look of a building and attracts attention with its spectacular appearance...

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Facade Cladding

Etalbond, Granitogress, wood ...
Окачена фасада

The facade cladding provides thermal and acoustic insulation, combined with excellent design. It is suitable for both newly constructed buildings and renovated and reconstructed ones...

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The Company Rumen Yorgov I N Ltd is established in Bulgaria and is a successor of the Company Rumen Yorgov Sole Proprietor, which is established in 1993. Currently the company specialises in the design, manufacturing and installation of aluminium and PVC joinery, curtain walls and curtain wall cladding.